Rent Stabilization Laws

These laws are the main protections that renters have and are set to expire on June 15th 2015. It is important that we organize and fight to have them renewed.

Rent control was the first of the two rent regulation systems in NYC, established in 1943.  Under this law, tenants are protected against high rent increases and evictions without cause from landlords.  However, in 1971, the New York State legislature approved total vacancy decontrol.  This meant that once a rent controlled tenant vacates, the apartment is no longer rent controlled.

Rent stabilization is the current set of laws.  Besides protection from steep and unexpected rent increases, this system provides the right to renew your lease and be protected against arbitrary evictions, right to good services and repairs, and the right to pass your apartment to certain family members who live with you for a period of time.  There are approximately 900,000 rent stabilized apartments in NYC though vacancy deregulation is causing the number of these units to decrease by tens of thousands annually.  Residential buildings with rent stabilization are typically built and occupied before 1974, privately owned and contain 6 or more apartments.


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