Why You Care!

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Do you identify as a renter, a student, a long time resident of NYC, are you in transition without a stable home or squatting, are you a housing organizer or an ally to those suffering the consequences of the housing crisis in New York? Have you seen your neighborhood change and you ain’t happy about it?

Come and bring your neighbors, friends and foes along because the housing crisis in New York City is an issue that affects us all. This event provides a platform for students and existing organizations to connect and have strategic conversations about alliance building. The Renters Assembly will bring forward knowledge, motivation and action in the following ways:

An understanding of the housing crisis

  • An understanding that this is one problem with many interconnected aspects
  • The definition of ‘renter’ in order to move people to identify as part of a class that is united on this issue
  • The plight of students and housing and the role of the University as gentrifier

An understanding that there is an urgent issue on the ground

  • Empower people to know what they can do following the assembly to address the issues/housing crisis
  • Foster the power of “small” tenant actions for broad effects, including forming tenants associations; finding out if your apartment is rent regulated, staying on top of your landlord, etc

An understanding to strengthen network

  • New connections/coalition building and strengthen existing connections among residents, renters, students and housing organizations
  • An understanding of who the players are in the NYC housing situation, who and what organizations are there, where are they, how to plug in

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